Fish Health Consulting

Fish Veterinarian? Really?


Fish Surgery.  Removing a skin tumor from a fish

Fish Surgery. Removing a skin tumor from a fish.


When I tell other veterinarians that I treat fish they look at me like I’m crazy.  When I tell other people that I treat fish the general response is “I didn’t know there were


Even Betta fish can use a fish health veterinarian!


veterinarians that treat fish” or “I didn’t know fish needed health care” or “Fish get diseases?.”



Yep, I really treat fish.  A large percent of the fish I treat are koi.  Parasite problems top the list of conditions I diagnose and treat in this group.  I also treat examine and treat fish for the home aquarist, both freshwater and marine.  From time to time people even bring me coral for evaluation!

One of the most rewarding activities in aquatic health practice is consulting with public aquariums.  I currently consult for 2 publicMarine Aquaria aquarium facilities and having an ongoing relationship with the keepers and populations of fish is very rewarding.  Monitoring and resolving population and fish health problems, whether they be management related, or from infectious disease, is a very rewarding part of practice. There is a great deal of satisfaction that comes from helping a facility like this resolve common and uncommon problems alike and seeing the population of fish and invertebrates flourish after resolution.



 Fish Health Consulting

SeaLife Aquarium

SeaLife Aquarium

SeaLife has a facility in Grapevine, TX in Grapevine Mills Mall.  With over 200,000 gallons of environments they have some pretty impressive features:

  • Amazing 360° Underwater Ocean Tunnel
  • 30 Incredible Displays
  • More than 5,000 Sea Creatures

Inspiring Body of Christ

Inspiring Body of Christ

Oddly yes, Inspiring Body of Christ is a church with an enormous aquarium system. With over 85,000 gallons and several species of sharks, it’s not your ordinary church.  Their marine aquarium system has been featured on the Animal Planet show “Tanked.

Have you seen anything like it?

So whether it’s a Betta fish in a one liter bowl, or an eight foot long Nurse Shark in a 175,000 gallon display, they will all benefit from veterinary care.  Have you ever heard of a fish veterinarian or had your wet pet treated by a fish doctor?

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