New K9 Unit in Farmers Branch

Bullet Delivers Speed to Police K9 Unit

Canines are one of the fastest growing tools for police to use in the fight against crime. K9s can be used in Narcotics Detection, Bomb Detection, Tracking, Arson Detection, used by Wildlife and Conservation officers in the detection of contraband game/fish, or just as Patrol Dogs or a combination of several specialities.


From the Farmers Branch Focus about “Bullet,” the new K9 unit.

“FARMERS BRANCH- With speed reminiscent of his namesake, the new Farmers Branch Police Department K9, Bullet, hit the streets earlier this week with his handler, Officer Steve Grigg.

police K-9 unit

A 19th month old Belgian Malinois

, Bullet, was imported from Europe and is trained in Czech commands.  The dog was acquired from Worldwide Canine in Spring Branch, Texas, just north of San Antonio.  Officer Grigg spent four weeks in more than 160 hours of training classes to learn about health and nutrition, canine case law and how to speak Czech.

‘Bullet is a dual purpose canine,’ Officer Grigg explained.  ‘That means he is trained to alert to marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin. He is also trained to track, search for objects and bite upon command.’

‘This breed has a very high drive and is a working dog,’ said Farmers Branch Police Chief Sid Fuller.

Bullet passed all of his certification tests and started patrol with Officer Grigg in January.”

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