World Vets Roatan Honduras travel day

I am on my way to the island of Roatan Honduras today for my annual humanitarian spay neuter trip. I will be accompanying several other veterinarians, vet students, and assistants to provide spay neuter for the dogs and cats that live on the beach and streets as well as the local population that don’t have access to veterinary care. 
It is always a fun site to see kids bring wheel barrows full of puppies and the locals that are newly excited about veterinary care, which is a new concept to many.

I’ll be going on this trip with several World Vets regulars like myself who take vacation time and paying our own way travel to Central and South America and several other regions to provide veterinary care to animals who would otherwise have no access to care. I’d like to day that our trips once a year provide all the care they need, but at least they are spayed or neutered so they don’t continue to reproduce, and get vaccinated and possibly dewormed so they have a better chance at staying healthy.

We’ll be traveling most of the day today and getting settled into the house in which we’ll be staying, but are excited to get started helping the people and pets of Honduras!

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